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Call Center Services

Increase Customer Satisfaction

For many people, just the thought of calling customer service can be daunting. The endless cycle of speaking to a robot, entering your information, then providing the same information once you finally get to a representative. This leaves many frustrated before they ever speak to a real person.

At Account Acumen, we’re revolutionizing the call center experience. Instead of the robotic runaround, our highly trained career representatives are on hand 24/7, answering every call in less than six seconds. This way your customers can get the answers they’re looking for and resolve issues quickly, without the headache. And if they need to call back, they’ll be directed to the same representative they spoke to initially. In this way, we can establish a rapport and facilitate meaningful relationships to improve your brand’s image and keep your customers coming back

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Call Center capabilities

Efficiency In Action

When you work with Account Acumen, you’ll have a reliable team on your side to help you provide top quality solutions for your customers. Our customer service representatives are highly motivated and are trained to assist your customers and achieve a resolution after the first call. As your brand’s representatives, we’ll work diligently to ensure we add value to your brand and build your professional reputation. Our call center capabilities include:

  • Answering all calls in less than 6 seconds
  • Assigning a designated team to your account and product lines
  • Taking and fulfilling orders to 800 numbers
  • Answering any question about your products
  • Providing 24/7 call center support for inbound calls

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Specialized Expertise & Technology

Designed To Get Results

By using our own proprietary software, you can be sure that every time we interact with a customer on your behalf, their information will remain safe and secure. We’ve also integrated extra features like predicting the best times to call based on past interactions, rerouting customer calls back to the representative who originally called, and using the caller ID function so we can address your customers by their name. The little extras make the difference, and can help keep your customers happy and satisfied at every interaction.

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